CROOKED KNEE: A Personal Look at Dementia

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This photographic essay chronicles the last year of my father, Charlie Szoka’s life, as he and our family navigated the unknown landscape of dementia. The title “Crooked Knee” comes from a conversation I had with my Dad during that year.

He was particularly agitated one day as I wheeled him around the nursing home. I leaned in to ask, “what’s wrong?” His answer, “There’s a crooked knee here!” In a moment of rare insight I replied, “do you mean everything seems out of joint?” “Yes,” he said with tears in his eyes. “Yes.”

Communicating with dementia and Alzheimer patients can take surreal and frustrating turns. This “Crooked Knee” moment of communing was rare and most treasured. My Father passed away years ago, but it still seems so near. I am grateful to have these photographs and to share them with you, wherever you are on your journey.

6 Responses to “CROOKED KNEE: A Personal Look at Dementia”

  1. beautiful series,
    thx for sharing


  2. Just looked at this series of photos…been a while …so loving, so touching. xo Les

  3. Thank you for sharing such a personal story in photos. I could see the love that encompassed his

  4. Thank you so very much.

  5. These are very touching images of your father and your family’s love for him.
    Peggy Harrington

  6. WOW…this is proof…one photo/pix says a 1000 words!+++

    My parents are on the dementia slope/road and we have our ups and downs…but life is still good…for now…many blessings from both to the rest of our extended family!!!

    Getting out of the house and taking short trips/rides/”tours” seem very helpful…

    Why is this disease not considered a “pan-demic”??? This is a world-wide issue…and the answer will probably come out of your garden pixs…one day in the future for a very special scientist.

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